Crater Lake north entrance opened, but caution urged

The north entrance to Crater Lake National Park opened for the summer at 8 a.m. Friday.

Crews finished plowing the north entrance road that provides park access off Highway 138 on Thursday, then did a safety check to scan for icy patches and falling rocks before opening the road for the summer season, park officials said. They warn, however, that drivers should still watch out for snow, ice and falling rocks, especially at night and in the early morning hours.

West Rim Drive is open, but the road on the east side of the lake is still snow-covered. Officials expect it to open in mid-July.

Snow still blankets much of the park, with 22 inches remaining at park headquarters Friday morning. Hiking below the rim is prohibited, and the Mount Scott Trail and parts of the Garfield Peak Trail are closed. Snow and ice can make overlooks along Rim Drive treacherous and visitors are advised to be cautious.

The Mazama Campground is still closed, but Crater Lake Lodge and Mazama Village Motor Inn, gas station and store are open. All restaurants in the park have reopened.

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