Crater graduate reaches 'Supermodel' finals

After a season filled with personal highs and lows, Branden Rickman of Central Point experienced a little of both Wednesday night as he advanced to the finals of "Make Me A Supermodel."

Rickman, an 18-year-old Crater High School graduate, found himself facing elimination for the fourth time this season in the TV reality series, shown on the Bravo cable network. But as in those other times, Rickman survived when anothor model was eliminated — this time, 23-year-old Mountaha Ayoub from Londrina, Brazil, the final woman remaining in the competition.

That sets up a three-man finale between Rickman; Jonathan Waud, 26, of Southampton, England; and Sandhurst Tacama Miggins, 22, of Tobago.

It was an emotional departure for Ayoub, who expressed her frustration at the decision in a blog entry at

"I'm on the bottom with Branden and they're so proud cause they've noticed how mature he's gotten and they're not sure how much further I can get," Ayoub said. "My dream of winning this just ended in a matter of two minutes over an 18-year-old boy. That's life."

Nicole Trunfio, the supermodel who serves as the mentor to the women contestants, wrote in her blog that she was certain the right decision was made by the panel of judges.

"The boys have been a bit stronger so it's really hard to say. It's such a hard thing in the end," Trunfio said. "Branden has been lucky, but he has a lot to give."

The 12th episode of the season began with a photo shoot challenge that required the models to strike "rocker" poses while flames burst around them at night in a New York City warehouse.

Miggins won the photo shoot, but all the contestants were rewarded by working as informal models for Bloomingdale's, while receiving a $2,000 shopping spree. As his prize, Miggins received an extra $2,000 to spend.

The runway portion of the show, which has been the trouble spot for Rickman during the season, was given a "James Bond" theme — with the three men in tuxedos and Ayoub in a formal evening gown.

Miggins was again declared the winner, with Waud joining him as a finalist. That left Rickman and Ayoub to face final judgment.

The series, shown at 10 p.m. weekly on Bravo, was filmed earlier this year. As with all contestants on taped reality series, Rickman is unable to reveal how far he goes in the finale.

For the finale, which begins at 10 p.m. Wednesday, the three models take part in two major photo shoots and a catwalk challenge, while family members accompany them to an art gallery in New York's SoHo district.

The winner will receive $100,000 and a contract with New York Model Management.

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