County OKs price hike at Valley View Landfill

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Getting rid of old sofas and yard debris will cost south Jackson County residents more after commissioners approved a rate hike Wednesday for Valley View Landfill.

The minimum charge to dump waste from a typical pickup truck will be bumped from $14 to $15, or 7 percent.

Items such as tires, appliances and refrigerators will not see any rate change, but sofas, chairs, rollaway beds, mattresses, box springs and TVs will go up from $6 to $7, a 17 percent increase. Yard debris will go up from $7 to $8.

The Valley View Transfer Station, located at 3000 N. Valley View Road, serves the south end of the county from just north of Talent to the Siskiyou Summit, to the east at the Klamath County line and to the west at Mount Ashland.

Commissioners C.W. Smith and Dave Gilmour both voted for the increase, which will take effect Aug. 1. Commissioner Jack Walker is on vacation.

The last time the county gave the landfill a rate increase was in September 2004, but the consumer price index has gone up 12 percent since then.

"We had rising costs on almost everything over the past four years," said Gary Rigotti, co-owner of Valley View Landfill Inc.

He said the company pays more for employee benefits, maintenance and fuel.

The Valley View Transfer Station takes the garbage to the Dry Creek landfill, a 27-mile run each way.

Rigotti said he tries to keep prices down as much as he can, but ultimately he couldn't continue to absorb costs.

He said he doesn't want to charge too much, though.

"You can't get those prices too high or they are going to be dumping all over the county," he said. "That's one of the reasons why I didn't raise any of the rates for appliances or tires."

Several years ago he found a load of waste dumped down the street from the dump. After cleaning it up, he found a receipt in the debris and called the sheriff, who contacted the owner of the garbage.

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Correction: The original headline with this story included an inaccurate number. This version has been corrected.

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