County funding group plans town-hall series

Worried that residents haven't had much of a say in how to help solve Jackson County's funding crisis, a coalition of civic organizations will hold a series of town-hall meetings aimed at "helping to build clarity and trust."

Organizers say the public forums will help build on the efforts of the Task Force on Jackson County Services, the 13-member nonpartisan panel charged by the county commissioners with developing long-range solutions to the county's funding woes caused in part by cuts to federal timber subsidies.

"There needs to be more openness, more dialogue and more education on both sides," said Lynn Howe, a spokeswoman for Citizens for County Solutions, a group that includes local chapters of the League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women.

The first of the five forums, to be moderated by former Jefferson Public Radio talk-show host Jeff Golden, is scheduled for noon on Sept. 20 at the Ashland Elks Lodge.

— Daily Tidings, Ashland

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