County adjusts system development charges for parks, roads

System development charges collected for Jackson County parks have dropped for the fourth year in a row, while charges collected to pay for road projects saw a 6 percent increase.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners passed new rates today at its regular meeting. They will take effect July 1.

The new rate for park system development charges dropped to $690 from $692 for a single family dwelling. In 2009-10, the charge was $1,001. The SDCs are used to pay for upgrades on parks within the county.

The Board of Commissioners also agreed to increase the charges collected to expand roads. It will rise to $364 from $343 for a single family dwelling.

"(SDCs) reimburse the county for projects that increase capacity," said John Vial, county director of roads and parks.

The funds cannot pay for maintenance, repaving or new roads.

The increase is a result of the county adding two improvement projects — improvements made to West Main Street and North Ross Lane — to a running list within the county. The county collects payment for improvement projects that have been on the list the longest.

"It's what we call a first in, first out project," Vial said.

The county will collect $5.2 million in SDCs for West Main and North Ross Lane projects, which necessitated the increase, Vial added.

— Ryan Pfeil

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