Corps announces plans for reservoir water releases tonight

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will unveil its draft management plans tonight for water releases from Lost Creek and Applegate reservoirs for the remainder of 2010.

Agency officials will discuss and take comments on the draft plan from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Rogue Regency Inn, 2300 Biddle Road, Medford.

Based on comments from state and federal water and fisheries agencies, the draft plan lays out expected water releases from the two Rogue River Basin projects.

It also includes the anticipated reservoir levels throughout the summer.

Both projects, which are the largest reservoirs in Southern Oregon, filled earlier this month thanks to a wet spring after being well behind their filling schedules after a dry winter.

Most summer releases are designed to improve survival rates and habitat use for the Rogue's wild salmon and steelhead.

A draft of the release plan calls for starting June with an average flow of 3,000 cubic feet per second out of Lost Creek dam and into the upper Rogue River, with flows dropping to 2,800 cfs by the end of June.

Flows would fall to an average of 2,200 cfs for the first 10 days of July to help boost survival rates of juvenile and adult chinook in the Rogue, then hold steady at about 1,750 cfs through early September.

Corps officials plan to analyze comments from government agencies and the public before finalizing the plan in June.

Lost Creek and Applegate dams are the Corps' two operations in its Rogue River Basin Project, which provides flood control and fishery resources in the Rogue and Applegate rivers.

It also supplies water for irrigation, municipal, industrial and recreational uses.

Lost Creek dam also has a small hydropower generation program and one is planned at Applegate.

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