Comic book writer Nathan Edmondson signs autographs at Iguana Comics & Gifts in Medford Friday. Mail Tribune Photo / Jamie Lusch - Jamie Lusch

Comics writer draws a crowd in Medford

The first person in line Friday at a book-signing event at Medford's Iguana Comics & Gifts held a copy of Nathan Edmondson's graphic novel "Who Is Jake Ellis?"

"It's one of the best comics I've ever read," the fan told Edmondson.

"Thanks, man," Edmondson replied before signing the title page.

The comics shop plans to host more events like this one — along with movie screenings and classes — so that comics writers such as Edmondson can gain face time with readers.

"I want more people to meet the people that are doing the books they like," said Ted Paglia, the manager at Iguana.

Edmondson, a native of Augusta, Ga., said he loves the idea of face-to-face events.

"I am a big fan of engaging with retailers, engaging with readers. I like being accessible," Edmondson said. "I enjoy the signing, but I enjoy going out to eat and drink afterward just as much, to talk to people one on one."

Bookstore events allow him to see how fans react to his material, he added.

His work day is spent in front of a computer, and he corresponds with publishers and editors, but getting feedback from readers is more fun, Edmondson said.

"When I find out whether or not I've written a good book, is when I come and sit down in front of people and see how excited they are to talk to me about it," he said.

Southern Oregon University junior Ian Hand said he showed up at Iguana knowing very little about Edmondson.

"It's introducing me to a writer I've never looked into before," Hand said. "It's great."

Edmondson is the first comics creator to appear at Iguana, but Paglia said he is working to bring more.

He's sending out emails and networking through the business's social-networking sites, he said.

In the meantime, he was enjoying the energy created by Edmondson's appearance.

"The response from everybody else was fantastic. We're going to end the year perfect," Paglia said.

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