A Rogue Valley sunset casts warm light on a vineyard near Griffin Creek Elementary School. The clouds are expected to give way to sunny skies in time for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start to the valley's outdoor ecreation season. - Mail Tribune / Jamie Lusch

Clouds now, but a clear holiday

Weekend campers in the mountains and soccer players in Medford likely will sidestep stormy weather during a Memorial Day weekend devoid of extremes.

They may begin in raincoats Friday but are expected to segue into shorts and sunblock by Monday as a storm front originally forecast for the weekend now looks to be moving out of the Rogue Valley just in time, according to the National Weather Service.

Rogue Valley Cup participants can expect sunny fields in Medford for their three-day tournament that begins Saturday.

"There should be some showers and temperatures on the cool side Friday, but it's going to be fairly normal when you get to the actual weekend," says Chuck Glaser, data acquisition program manager for the National Weather Service in Medford. "It looks like no extremes of any kind."

A low-pressure system is expected to creep into the valley today, when the chance of rain in Medford was forecast at 70 percent, according to the weather service.

Today's forecast high of 60 degrees will jump a hair Friday before leaping into the mid- to high 70s through Monday. The chance of rain will drop from 50 percent Friday to about 10 percent through Sunday.

Ashland is forecast to receive much of the same, but be about 3 degrees cooler than Medford all weekend, according to the weather service.

Campers at Hyatt, Howard Prairie, Fish and Willow lakes as well as Lake of the Woods should pack for daytime temperatures of the high 50s on Saturday and low 60s on Sunday and overnight lows in the mid-30s, according to the weather service.

Memorial Day also is the unofficial beginning of the summer boating season and visitors to Lost Creek Lake — Jackson County's largest and most visited reservoir — can expect marginal waterskiing weather of highs in the low 60s Saturday and the high 60s on Sunday. Nighttime lows will be in the mid-40s there.

The Rogue Valley returns to its normal self Tuesday with a slightly abnormal high of 80 degrees and sun forecast for that day, Glaser says.

"By then, though, the weekend's over," he says.

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