Clouds expected to deliver just a little rain this week

A pittance of rain will fall in the Rogue Valley this week, but not nearly enough to make up for the recent weeks of dry weather that have left reservoirs low and mountain snowpack lower.

"This'll bring a little snow to the mountains, but it's not going to be much," said National Weather Service meteorologist Chuck Glaser. "Anything's better than nothing."

Two weak storm systems expected to push into the region Tuesday and Wednesday likely will bring no more than one-tenth of an inch of rain each, forecasters said. Tuesday's storm will deliver most of its precipitation in the morning.

As the week continues, rain showers should diminish, the forecast says. There will be a slight chance of rain going into the weekend.

"After that, that's it for a little while," Glaser said, adding the same cool, dry patterns are thought to return for at least most of next week.

— Ryan Pfeil

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