Clinton campaign scouts locations for early April visit

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will make a campaign stop in Medford in two weeks as she battles for the 52 delegates at stake in the May 20 primary in Oregon.

"We know she'll spend time here," said Talent resident Darby Stricker, a local volunteer coordinator for the Clinton campaign. "But we don't know what it's going to look like or where she's going to go."

An advance team is scouting locations for her appearance in the Medford area during the week of April 6 that could also include former President Bill Clinton and possibly their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

"I've heard the Clintons are coming," said Stricker, who has also volunteered for the Clinton campaign in New Mexico.

In Oregon, polls show a preference for Sen. Barack Obama, who made a campaign swing through Oregon last week that included a stop at Kids Unlimited in Medford on Saturday morning.

Clinton and her family are expected to campaign throughout Oregon.

— Damian Mann

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