Christmas activities

IT'S CHRISTMAS, and some folks are so wrapped up with presents and holiday joy they don't want to bother with a full-fledged turkey dinner and all those dishes afterward. They needn't miss out. Ashland Christian Fellowship offers roast turkey and all the trimmings — stuffing, gravy, potatoes, green salad, sweet potatoes, fresh baked bread, pie and ice cream — from noon to 4 p.m. today at the Historic Ashland Armory at the corner of Oak and B streets. It's the church's 28th annual community Christmas dinner.

EVERYTHING'S CLOSED — except gas stations, 7-Eleven and the movie theaters — so head to Tinseltown when the folks start getting on your nerves. If you have children, we recommend "Alvin and Chipmunks." Yeah, they were big when we were kids, but today's youth will love this updated version of Alvin, Simon and Theodore's rise to fame.

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