Central Point senior complex takes shape

CENTRAL POINT — Framework for a three-story retirement facility began emerging from an empty field in the Twin Creek development in recent weeks.

The 120-unit facility off Twin Creeks Crossing and Haskell Street will offer upscale living for seniors with fine dining, private patios and a neighborhood atmosphere in close proximity to a city park, single family homes and, eventually, retail and commercial services.

Slated for completion by June, the craftsman style structure will be composed of one and two bedroom units, all with private kitchens as well as a formal dining room serving three meals daily.

The facility is similar to Anna Maria and Horton Plaza in Medford.

Constructed by Acme West, the project is a collaborative effort by Twin Creeks Retirement Ltd., a partnership between developer Bret Moore, architect Ron Grimes, Bill Hogue, Larry Horton and Jack Adams.

In the planning phase for over two years, Bill Hogue, former owner of Acme West and Acme's contract agent for the retirement project, said the facility was an ideal match for Twin Creek's transit-oriented, mixed-use zoning and higher density, "and being a retirement community, it doesn't affect daily trips for cars and doesn't impact the schools. It's a nice, clean, pleasant addition to the neighborhood."

In addition to another retirement facility, a 62-unit affordable housing project completed last year by Pacific Retirement Services, the project is bordered by a city park, a school site currently used as green space and single-family homes.

Nearby, completion of the Twin Creek transit-oriented district (TOD) will bring retail and commercial offerings in keeping with the development's focus on situating schools, homes, employment opportunities and needed services in close proximity to neighborhoods to reduce the need to drive.

"I think we've got a good mix there," said developer Bret Moore. "It's good for the community since it's low impact, and I think it'll be really good for the seniors living there because they'll be right in the middle of all the activities going on.

"You drive out in the evenings and there's a big park across the street with Pop Warner football, soccer "¦ it's a nice open space. There's a lot of neighborhood activity going on."

Community development director Tom Humphrey agreed.

"I think it's a nice mix of socioeconomic group and it introduces an older population into a neighborhood of young families," Humphrey said.

"Those two things are significant in the success of the TOD project."

For rental details, contact Omega Management at 734-5131.

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at buffypollock@juno.com.

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