Central Point Little League embezzlement case dropped

Charges were dismissed in a case of alleged embezzlement from Central Point Little League.

A lack of records led a decision by the Jackson County District Attorney's office to dismiss its case against 36-year-old Karen Evelyn Sheadel of Central Point, according to a release prepared Wednesday.

A former president and treasurer of Central Point Little League, Sheadel was arrested on April 6 last year and accused of taking $32,000 from the organization's bank account in 2003 and 2004. She was released after one day in the Jackson County Jail.

Sheadel, who hasn't been involved with the league since August 2004, admitted to taking unauthorized withdrawals in the amount of $1,200, the district attorney stated. However, the league made a civil compromise with Sheadel in 2004. The league had struggled for several years to make improvements to its fields, just outside city limits at 2935 Hanley Road.

After examining the league's available records, a nationally recognized forensic accounting firm was unable to determine how much money was taken or if Sheadel could be charged with the crime, the district attorney stated.

The firm noted a lack of financial controls within the league — run on a cash basis — and a lack of oversight for the bank account and ledger, which had changed hands over the years. Furthermore, another league official in 2004 admitted to misappropriating funds, the district attorney stated.

Central Point Little League has since complied with all operational changes suggested by the Oregon Department of Justice. Little League officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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