Central Point competes for Pepsi grant to buy art trailer

CENTRAL POINT — City officials are branching out in their efforts to fund parks and recreation programs and encourage artistic creativity for local kids.

A contender on the Pepsi "Refresh Everything" website (www.refresheverything.com), the city is campaigning to win $10,000 toward the purchase of a community "art trailer."

Recreation coordinator Sarah Garceau said the trailer, which would introduce local children to a variety of art forms, would be used in city events and likely in local schools.

"Last summer we did 'art in the park' for two months, but without a trailer, it is really limited because people who were in the park didn't know we were in the gazebo with these free activities," she said.

"Our goal is to outreach to everybody in the community but especially kids who, if their parents do not provide something, they end up spending most of their time with their noses in a video game."

Locally, a handful of nonprofit organizations have sought grants to fund special projects via the Pepsi website, which awards grant dollars based on website visitor votes.

Phoenix High School's marching band won $25,000 in September to replace 30-year-old uniforms after a failed attempt in May. Winners will be named in four prize-level categories, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

On Thursday, the city was ranked 38th.

To vote for the city's art trailer, visit the Pepsi "Refresh" project website, www.refresheverything.com/centralpointarts.

Extra votes can be submitted by texting the project number, 109450, to 73774.

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