Candidates file for school board spots in several districts

A trickle of candidates has begun file for school board positions in Jackson County's May 19 special election.

Candidates have until March 19 to file for election to school boards across the county.

In Medford, a candidate has filed for each of the school board's four positions up for election. The board sets policy for Jackson County's largest district of 12,000 pupils and one of the largest employers.

School Board Members Robin Stroh, Position 2, and Brian Penland, Position 1, will not run for re-election, opening the way for a couple of newcomers who already have filed.

Stroh said she has had to supplement her income by working at night, which interferes with school board duties.

Penland said he's been looking for jobs in Portland and might not be able to fulfill the commitment of a four-year term.

Shawna Dye, a SOESD special education assistant who is new to politics, has filed for Penland's position. Paulie Brading, who was appointed to Position 4 in July, has filed for Stroh's vacant seat. Sally Killen, a retired Medford teacher, has filed for Brading's position. Incumbent Tricia Prendergast is seeking re-election to Position 3.

In Central Point, Jolee Wallace, a vineyard owner, has filed for Position 4, while incumbent Richard Dunn has cast his bid for re-election to Position 2. Both are four-year terms. Position 1 has not yet drawn any candidates.

Eagle Point's School Board President Jonathan Bilden also is seeking re-election for four more years in Position 3. James Mannenbuch, a retired educator, is seeking Eagle Point's Postion 2. Positions 1 and 5 have not yet attracted candidates.

The tiny school district of Butte Falls has incumbent Suzanne Macy seeking another term in Position 5. No one has filed yet for Positions 1 and 2.

Candidates have yet to file for positions available in the Ashland, Phoenix-Talent, Pinehurst, Prospect and Rogue River districtst.

— Paris Achen

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