Calling Medford City Hall? Good luck

Some say you can’t fight city hall, but today Medford residents are having trouble even calling City Hall.

Phone calls to any city employee’s number reach a recording that says “You have reached the city of Medford’s general greeting,” and advises people to dial the extension of the party they wish to reach or dial one for a system directory, leading to a maze of voice mail boxes.

“Qwest is having some problems,” said David Mortimore, who works at the city’s tech services help desk.

Shasha Richardson, a Qwest spokeswoman based in Washington, called City Hall to try to determine if the problem was with the company’s network or with the city, but she couldn’t reach anyone there.

Medford police Lt. Tim Doney said he had heard plenty of complaints this morning about people only getting recordings and voice mail.

He said city employees had received e-mail saying the phone system was experiencing problems that should be resolved soon.

The city this spring spent $390,000 to adopt a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that combines telephone and computer wiring.

— Anita Burke

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