California mom brings kids back from Italy

ROME — A California woman who traveled to Italy to get her children back from their father after he failed to return them home over the summer has regained custody and returned to California with them.

Emanuele, 5, and Nicolas Amore, 3, were turned over Saturday evening to Karyn Krause without incident, attorney Giuseppe Barletta Caldarera said. He said Krause and the children had returned home to California.

Krause, 37, spent several days in Ispica, a small town in Sicily's southeastern tip, in a bid to regain custody of her children after her estranged husband, Carmelo Amore, 41, took them there in May to visit family.

The childrens' grandmother Bonnie Miller is a Central Point resident who expressed concerns over their abduction in an interview with the Mail Tribune earlier this month.

The three had been due to return to California in July. But Krause said she instead got an e-mail from Amore saying he was not coming back.

An international child abduction court in the Hague ruled in November that the children had to be returned to California, Krause has said.

After the Hague ruling, Amore and the children disappeared, Krause said. Italian authorities later located them in Ispica.

When Krause first arrived in Ispica last week, a crowd of Amore's family, friends and neighbors surrounded the house, prompting a standoff. Police decided not to intervene so as to not frighten the children.

Barletta Caldarera said that while he was not at the scene of the handover, he understood that it went smoothly.

Krause must now appear in a California court, which will have to review the case, the attorney said.

An Italian court also ruled last week in Amore's separate custody filing that the California courts have jurisdiction over the matter.

Krause and Amore met in Bologna, Italy, while Krause was living there and working as a travel writer.

The couple married in 2000 and moved to the town of Albany, California, near Berkeley.

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