Butte Falls voters pour the approval on bottling-plant measures

BUTTE FALLS — Voters have overwhelmingly approved two measures that will bring a water bottling plant to the town. They also agreed to share in the company's gross sales revenue.

Mayor Ron Ormond, who authored the two measures, had no doubt his town would finally have its long-awaited water bottling plant.

"Even if the voters didn't pass the measures, we would still have a plant," said Ormond. "The only decision tonight was how we handle it and how we distribute the money."

Measure 15-85 provides tax and lease payment incentives for a bottling company to locate on land provided by the town.

Measure 15-86 asked residents to approve a distribution plan for the city's share of bottling revenue including dividend payments to residents.

"This spreads the benefits around the community so that everybody benefits and profits from it," said Ormond.

Ormond said a bottler has already agreed to operate the plant, but he declined to give further information.

The plant will bottle mountain spring water from Ginger Springs, the town's water supply since 1911.

In another measure, voters elected to return the town marshal to their charter. The law enforcement position had inadvertently been removed when the charter was updated in 2000.

— Bill Miller, for the Mail Tribune

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