Butte Falls cited for undefeated regular season

Butte Falls cited for undefeated regular season

Butte Falls football coach Randy Stephenson had no doubt about who was the most valuable player in the District 2 Conference this season.

"No, none," said Stephenson, whose team finished 9-0 during the regular season before losing to Perrydale in its playoff opener. "Not for what he meant to our team."

That player was senior Joey Knighton. The running back/linebacker was named first team offense and second team defense on the District 2 all-conference teams as well as the player of the year.

Knighton averaged nearly six yards per carry on offense and was a force defensively. Stephenson said Knighton was often given the opportunity to make key audibles on both sides of the ball.

"We're going to miss him bad because he was our brains on the field," Stephenson said of Knighton, who led the team in tackles his junior season. "I called the offensive plays, but if he saw something in the defense, he would change the play or audible to a play he thought would work, and 90 percent of the time, he was right."

Butte Falls junior offensive and defensive guard Josh Sutfin earned first team honors on both sides of the ball.

The 6-foot-2, 180-pounder was praised by his coach for his work in the weight room during the summer.

"He's a really good blocker," said Stephenson, the District 2 coach of the year. "Defensively, he was really hard to move out of the hole. He's just a run stopper. He made them change where they wanted to go."

The Loggers' sophomore Harley Casillas and junior Josh Dyck were named honorable mention offensively while sophomores Josh McGonagle (linebacker), Travis Eller (defensive end) and Chase Ellis (defensive back) were named second team along with senior defensive guard T.J. Wilson.

Prospect's junior defensive end Dakota Gordon and senior defensive back Rob Carper received mention. Gordon was named to the second team and Carper was named honorable mention.

District 2 All-Conference Football

First Team Offense

QB — Jake Stevens, Powers Sr.

QB — Travis Fuller, Days Creek Jr.

Back — Joey Knighton, Butte Falls Sr.

Back — Tyler Smith, Gilchrist Sr.

C — Eli Fisher, Camas NA

C — Kiefer Allen, Powers NA

G — Josh Sutfin, Butte Falls Jr.

G — Bryar Zimmerman, Days Creek Jr.

End — Mario Cellis, Elkton Jr.

End — Willy Johnson, Days Creek Sr.

K — Luke Ovguard, Triad NA

Player of the Year — Joey Knighton, Butte Falls

Coach of the Year — Randy Stephenson, Butte Falls

Second Team Offense

QB — Ransom Smith, Gilchrist Sr.

Back — Nick Reeves, Powers Sr.

Back — Mason Lieuallen, Powers Sr.

C — Billy Effingham, North Lake NA

G — Skylar Peterson, Triad So.

G — Caaleb Clayton, Gilchrist NA

End — Kyle Blanton, Powers Jr.

End — Sean Reese, Triad Sr.

P — Chase Elliot, Camas NA

Honorable Mention

QB — Mac Smith, Elkton, Jr.

Backs — Kurt Dever, Camas, Jr.; Loren Meeker, Triad, So.; Dan Heintz, Days Creek, Jr.; Harley Casillas, Butte Falls, So.; Josh Dyck, Butte Falls, Jr.; Dennis Wolfe, Camas, Sr.; Thomas Wagner, Powers, Sr.; Sky Smith, Triad, Sr.

Guard — Allex Perkins, Gilchrist.

First Team Defense

DE — Bronson Owens, Days Creek Jr.

DE — Cody Kievit, Camas Sr.

G — Eli Fisher, Camas Sr.

G — Josh Sutfin, Butte Falls Jr.

LB — Mac Smith, Elkton Jr.

LB — Caaleb Clayton, Gilchrist NA

LB — Willy Johnson, Days Creek Sr.

DB — Maison Cay, Camas Sr.

DB — Preston Fivecoat, North Lake Jr.

DB — Thomas Wagnor, Powers

Second Team Defense

DE — Dakota Gordon, Prospect Jr.

DE — Travis Eller, Butte Falls So.

G — Billy Effingham, North Lake Sr.

G — Bryar Zimmerman, Days Creek Jr.

G — T.J. Wilson, Butte Falls Sr.

LB — Josh McGonagle, Butte Falls So.

LB — Joey Knighton, Butte Falls So.

LB — Mason Lieuallen, Powers Sr.

DB — Chase Ellis, Butte Falls So.

DB — Rustin Hogson, Days Creek Sr.

Honorable Mention

LB— Sean Reese, Triad, Sr.; Loren Meeker, Triad, So.; Ransom Smith, Gilchrist, Sr..

Guard —Joe Kepplle, Gilchrist.

DB — Rob Carper, Prospect, Sr.; Travis Fuller, Days Creek, Jr.; Kyle Blanton, Powers.

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