Busted Denver Broncos get back to business after punishment

DENVER — The Broncos have been busted, their coach and front office fined $100,000 and their video director fired.

Now comes the hard part for the red-faced franchise that had lost 15 of 20 games and plenty of fans heading into their game Sunday against St. Louis.

The Broncos pledged to restore a sullied reputation as they try to convince skeptics, as they did the NFL, that Steve Scarnecchia acted alone in filming a practice by the San Francisco 49ers in London last month and that nobody ordered him to do it or viewed the incriminating tape.

Even before the team's integrity was thrown into question and the NFL's annual overseas crown jewel smudged with what's been dubbed McSpygate, the Broncos' fan base was flustered over a yearlong slide exacerbated by a series of moves by embattled coach Josh McDaniels that have backfired, most notably the trade of Peyton Hillis to Cleveland for Brady Quinn.

Many are wondering why McDaniels was allowed to hire a buddy who had already run afoul of the league's rules back in New England and why he didn't do anything about it when Scarnecchia brought him an illicit 6-minute snippet of the 49ers practice.

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