Bus service debuts today

A new bus service takes travelers to Crescent City and Brookings via Medford and Grants Pass beginning today.

Dubbed the Southwest POINT, short for Public Oregon Intercity Transit, the system is being organized by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The buses start each morning in Klamath Falls and Brookings and follow routes that end in Brookings and Klamath Falls. Both make stops at White City, Medford, Gold Hill, Grants Pass, Cave Junction, Crescent City and the Smith River Lucky 7 Casino in between. The full trip takes just over nine hours.

Rates range from $13 to $50 for a one-way ticket for adults. The 16-passenger buses are wheelchair accessible and equipped with bicycle racks.

The POINT is being funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration with matching funds from Greyhound and passenger fees. T

Tickets are available from POINT drivers and wherever Greyhound bus tickets are sold. For service, schedule or ticketing information, call 1-888-900-2609.

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