Burned, abused cat continues recovery at Applegate farm

Meshach, the cat who was severely burned over Christmas, is completing his recovery at Sanctuary One, a nonprofit care farm in the Applegate Valley.

The year-old orange tabby was released Thursday morning from Talent's Best Friends Animal Hospital, which has been caring for him since the stray arrived at the Eagle Point home of Michael and Summer Finn on Dec. 22 with painful burns on his face and under his tail.

After 35 days of treatment at the veterinary clinic, Meshach was deemed well enough to transition to Sanctuary One.

Still wearing his protective head collar and receiving medications for his wounds, the friendly cat is doing well and has not lost his love of humans, said Robert Casserly, Sanctuary One executive director.

"He's doing great," he said.

Because he still has open sores and needs special treatment, Meshach remains isolated from the other cats for now.

But Meshach is very affectionate with staff, and everyone is looking forward to the day when he can join the rest of the kitty crew, Casserly said.

The Finns were feeding the stray on a regular basis. When he arrived at their door with burns to his face and under his tail, the pair took him to Jackson County Animal Control, then to Best Friends, where he has endured painful surgeries and treatments for his burns.

His last surgery on his burned ears was Monday, said Hailey South of Best Friends.

South said Meshach will be missed at the clinic. But she is glad to see photos and updates on Sanctuary One's Facebook page.

"We cried. There were tears in everyone's eyes when he left," South said. "But he looks like he's happy to be out of his kennel."

Casserly said there is a long list of hopeful adoptees waiting to care for Meshach once he is fully recovered.

Jackson County sheriff's deputies continue to investigate the suspected animal abuse case. No one has yet been charged, officials said.

A $2,500 reward from the Humane Society of the United States was doubled to $5,000 by Sanctuary One in hopes of finding whoever injured the cat.

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