Bullets from drive-by shooting hit Medford home

Gunfire erupted from a Jeep Cherokee on West Main Street this morning, missing the intended target and blowing out the window of a nearby home, police said.

A resident who lives at the corner of Summit Avenue and West Main Street reported that his front window was shattered by a bullet at around 11 a.m.

"He was just inside his home minding his own business when this happened," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau said.

Witnesses reported that two males inside an older, maroon Jeep Cherokee were speaking to a man walking on West Main Street.

"They had a brief conversation before the males in the Cherokee began firing," Budreau said.

Witnesses saw the man flee the area as he was being shot at. Shortly after the Cherokee sped away.

The intended victim has not come forward to police, suggesting that he might be involved in criminal activity, Budreau said.

"We would really like to speak with him," Budreau said. "But he might not want to contact us if he is involved in crimes, himself."

The Cherokee was last seen driving on Washington Street. It was occupied by two white males. The vehicle was an older model with stock wheels.

The incident could have proven deadly both for the man on the street and the person who lived in the home that was hit by bullets, Budreau said.

"This is serious business when you have gunshots on the street," Budreau said.

Investigators have recovered the bullet inside the home and will keep it as evidence.

The resident was not injured, but easily could have been killed by the bullet that blew through his window, Budreau said.

"If he had been standing in front of that window, this could have been a fatal shooting," Budreau said.

The goal is to contact the man who was shot at, even though he might not want to report the crime.

"This violence can escalate and then someone can get killed," Budreau said. "We don't want to see this continue because it creates a dangerous situation for everyone, even innocent bystanders."

— Chris Conrad

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