Bring the Feeling of Spring Indoors

Bring the Feeling of Spring Indoors

As the weather continues to warm and nature starts to awaken from its winter slumber, the world around us embraces summer. This time of renewal is also the perfect time to update home décor with the fresh feeling associated with the change in season.

"Home décor that takes cues from nature and the serenity of the summer season is inspiring designers across the country," says Susan Atchison, manager of trend development for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. "This involves an abundance of flowers and greenery, soft color palettes and a feeling of peaceful tranquility throughout the home."

Here are some popular decorating ideas and trends that reflect the longer days and new growth of the summer season:

Cottage Charm

Just like a relaxing day at a quaint bed and breakfast, décor can delight the senses with contentment and nostalgia. Interior designers and crafters alike are using intricate flower patterns to create unique household decorations. A soft blanket and pillow to adorn a favorite chair and black and white photos project the joys of yesteryear. Hand-painted buckets and antique watering cans bring the entire look together with a delightful country feel.

Zen Infusion

Soft lines, warm scents and positive energy are all aspects of Zen-inspired designs. Think of enjoying a cup of green tea under a tree blooming with cherry blossoms and you'll see where designers get their motivation. In the home, you can easily set the mood for romance or relaxation with a Zen-inspired display of hand-painted hurricane candle lamps. Choose colors from nature that match your home décor and fill with fragrant candles.

Inspiring Hues

Soft colors are key for summer decorating and you can find inspiration right outside your door. Blossoming flowers present shades of lavender, pink and tangerine. Sky blue coordinates well with the green shades of fresh grass and budding leaves. Warm yellows and browns are inspired by the sun and add a sense of peacefulness.

summertime Gatherings

Having a party for friends or family? A home filled with lively colors and floral motifs will greet guests with warmth and homespun hospitality. Sit down to a family brunch or dinner with a wonderful table setting featuring coordinating plates, mugs and serving dishes. Showcase delectable desserts and savory snacks on matching serving platters.

Fabulous Flowers

A fresh bouquet or a potted plant brightens any room, but if you don't have a green thumb, don't worry. Today, the quality of artificial flowers rivals their fresh counterparts. Visit your local craft store to find a variety that will match your home's color scheme. Choose the ones you like best and mix in a festive vase or watering can. For a fun twist, paint dots and designs on the petals to make them stand out.

"Integrating new colors and small décor changes into the home will update the entire house with the welcome feeling of summer," adds Atchison. "Most of these changes are very affordable and easily achieved with some crafting tools and a small amount of time."

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