Breakdown slowed demolition at Ashland exit

An equipment breakdown slowed work on the removal of decaying concrete from the deck of the Interstate 5 overpass at Exit 14 over the weekend.

The noisy overnight work, which was ahead of schedule late last week, was halted by the breakdown, Oregon Department of Transportation officials said in a news release today. Crews had hoped to wrap up work on Saturday, but instead there was no work Saturday night.

Thursday and Friday nights, the subcontractor performing the work completed only half the expected demolition, ODOT officials reported.

Tonight, work is expected to begin again for at least the next four nights over the southbound lanes. From 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. bridge demolition will continue and southbound I-5 traffic will be diverted up and over the interchange. ODOT warns drivers to watch for flaggers and congestion.

The project will widen the bridge over the freeway to three lanes and add sidewalks, bike lanes and signals at ramp terminals.

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