Bradbury nearing race for governor

ASHLAND — Pointing to Oregon's need for a "reconfigured economy" — green energy and green building and sustainable agriculture programs — former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury said Saturday he is "very, very seriously considering" running for governor in 2010.

Bradbury said fundraising is going slowly at this early stage, mostly among friends in agriculture and sustainable industries, but that filing for the office can't happen until September and "I'm not ready to publicly announce yet."

Bradbury cited his experience — 15 years in the state legislature, including 11 in the Senate representing the south coast — as a primary reason for his anticipated run. He said that experience would be crucial in facing the state's major challenges.

Bradbury was in Ashland for Earth Day festivities and teachings at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum. An advocate for environmental issues, Bradbury was trained in presenting former Vice President Al Gore's program "An Inconvenient Truth," which portrays the dangers of global warming.

Asked about possible opponents in the primary election, Bradbury that U.S. Rep Peter DeFazio is probably not going to run for governor and that he and former Democratic governor John Kitzhaber, a longtime friend, have discussed whether either would run.

"I hope we can work this out," said Bradbury.

Kitzhaber served the state-mandated limit of two terms as governor. Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski will leave the post next year following the completion of his two terms.

Bradbury said that the Democrat who wins the gubernatorial primary does not have to seriously fear the possible candidacy of Rep. Greg Walden, a Republican from Hood River, because of "his very conservative voting record that doesn't reflect the wishes of the vast majority of Oregonians."

Bradbury's candidacy was announced unofficially by longtime friend and former Jackson County commissioner Jeff Golden, at a social gathering at Golden's house in Ashland. Bradbury responded positively to the warm cheers of the crowd of about 40 people and said his Web site was

The Web site leaves little doubt about Bradbury's intentions, asking "Sign up, get the latest on Bill Bradbury's campaign" and "Donate today "¦ employer information is legally required for campaign finance reporting."

Asked what would stand between him and an announcement for governor in the fall, Bradbury said "I might say that I'm not going to run but I don't know how that would happen."

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