Body of Blossom Bar victim from Portland found

Curry County sheriff's deputies have recovered the body of a Portland woman who drowned last weekend while rafting Blossom Bar on the Rogue River near Agness.

Kathleen M. Mills, 57, and a pet dog were thrown from a raft rowed by her husband Saturday morning as the craft hit a rock near the Picket Fence, a row of rocks at the top of the Rogue River's wildest ride. Although both Mills and the dog wore life vests, only the dog was able to swim to safety.

Several recovery missions were unable to retrieve her body, which was caught in a crevice.

Two kayakers reported spotting Mills' body near the top of what is called the "Devil's Staircase" just below Blossom Bar rapids at about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. They reported the find at Paradise Lodge.

Curry County marine deputies retrieved the body, transported it down the river and released it to a Brookings funeral home.

— Anita Burke

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