Big Windy crews monitoring hot spots closely

Firefighters at the Big Windy Complex outside Grants Pass will continue to move equipment such as pumps and hoses off the front lines today, while continuing to monitor hot spots to make sure certain areas do not reignite.

"The infrared flight still shows some heat in the fire perimeter and that is our highest priority," operations section chief Paul Reynolds said in a news release. "Moving equipment off the hill will happen after that."

But crews seem comfortable enough to discontinue the complex's incident command post, which will close up Monday, Sept. 2.

The lightning-sparked fire, 26 miles outside of Grants Pass along the Rogue River, is 75-percent contained and has burned more than 24,000 acres. Full containment is now anticipated by early October.

The Rogue River Trail is open from Grave Creek to the Rogue River Ranch. Bear Camp Road remains closed, along with Grave Creek to Marial Back Country Byway, the Marial Access Road, and U.S. Forest Service Road No. 2308 from Forest Road No. 23 to Forest Road No. 33.

— Ryan Pfeil

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