Bicyclist injured when cars collide, pin him to wall

A bicyclist was injured today when a car struck by a Jeep collided with his mountain bike, pinning it to a concrete wall at a shoe shop at Fourth Street and Central Avenue in Medford.

The bike rider was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Police cited the driver of the red Jeep, Heidi Swain, 27, for failing to obey a traffic control signal, Medford police officer Jason Becker said.

Swain was headed east on Fourth when she failed to stop at a red light at the intersection of Fourth and Central. Her Jeep struck a black Mitsubishi headed south on Central. The Jeep forced the Mitsubishi onto the sidewalk, pinning bicyclist Miguel Bernal, 21, to the wall of Shoes Right Here.

A bystander helped free the bicyclist, who was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, said 23-year-old Sheena Wheeler, driver of the Mitsubishi.

“It was pretty scary,” Wheeler said.

Becker said the bicyclist’s injuries did not appear to be serious.

An employee at Shoes Right Here said vehicle accidents happen regularly at the intersection.

— Paris Achen

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