Best Place to Buy Shoes

The valley's oldest operating shoe store is also Mail Tribune readers' favorite place to buy shoes.

A regular contender in the annual Mail Tribune poll, the store offers everything from dress and tennis shoes to sandals and boots.

It also offers specialty footwear and odd sizes, including shoes for narrow and wide feet and half sizes.

Norris Shoes began in its current downtown Medford location more than 100 years ago when English emigrant A.C. Tayler, a star shoe salesman from Chicago, came to the Rogue Valley in 1895.

Also known for its trademark brass footprints imbedded in the sidewalk out front, Norris Shoes has had fewer than a half-dozen owners since it opened.

The current owners, Jim and Linda Heath, took over just over four years ago. The couple also own and run the Birkenstock Footwear store in Medford.

Other favorites: Macy's and Paradise Footwear, both of Medford

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