Best Landscape Service

Carol's Colors of Phoenix has captured the distinction of Best Landscape Service ever since the category was added to Readers' Choice in 2008.

Known for its fleet of various colored pickups routinely seen throughout the Rogue Valley's parks and nicely landscaped areas, Carol's Colors was founded by Carol Corbridge, who began as a one-woman operation in 1985.

The business now employs 18 full-time consultants and offers everything from irrigation to garden planning.

Chief of Operations Penny Fullmer says Carol's Colors' focus on quality and appreciation for its employees have created a top-notch business.

Fullmer said the crew is never casual about hearing it has received affirmation of a job well done.

"We are always so excited about winning the Readers' Choice again," Fullmer says. "The crew works really hard every day and they take a lot of pride in their work."

Other favorites: Monkey Business Landscape, Medford, and Caster's Home and Yard Maintenance, Medford, Dragonfly Landscaping, Central Point, and Scofield Landscape, Jacksonville (tie)

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