Best Gardening/Landscape Store

The green-thumb crowd among Mail Tribune readers has chosen the Grange Co-op as its favorite store for all things garden, farm, landscape and agriculture for the 10th year in a row.

Founded in 1934, the Grange Co-op now boasts more than a half-dozen locations in Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass and offers everything from pest control and horse tack to western wear and pet supplies.

In garden and landscape, if they don't have it, they can get it or they'll tell you where to find it.

If you've got a problem — such as aphids attacking your Red Hot Sallys — employees will provide a sympathetic ear and suggestions.

"I think the big thing that keeps people coming back is that our employees live that lifestyle where they farm and garden and they know the products they sell and how to use them," says Grange Co-op retail operations manager Darren Davidson.

"That extra level of service and knowledge is really important to customers."

Other favorites: Home Depot of Phoenix and Lowe's of Medford

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