Best Desserts

Dairy Queen has captured the sweet tooths of Readers' Choice voters for the third year in a row.

Offering everything cold and creamy, from sundaes and ice cream cakes to 25 Blizzard flavors, the chain restaurant boasts more than 5,800 locations throughout the United States, Canada and 22 countries.

Dairy Queen came to Jackson County in 1978. The company started with a White City location, then opened three more stores in Medford and an Orange Julius at the Rogue Valley Mall.

Wendy Crawford, manager of the Barnett Road Dairy Queen in Medford, says the Blizzard likely put DQ over the top in this year's poll.

"Our Blizzards are always going to be No. 1 and we will always find new flavors," she says. "It's our ice cream that keeps people coming back. It's a special mix of ice cream. It's very, very good and it's consistent at every store."

Other favorites: 4 Daughters Irish Pub, Medford, and Yogurt Hut, Medford and Ashland

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