Best Burger

Known for a wide range of burger styles, old-fashioned shakes and fresh-cut fries, Jasper's makes up for a lack of square footage with big flavor and an unusual menu.

Jasper's has been a Rogue Valley staple for nearly four decades, opening in the 1970s on Bartlett Street and specializing in hot dogs and homemade pie. It moved to East Main Street in the 1980s and to North Pacific Highway in 1986.

In 2007, Janet Lopez and John Lenz bought the then-languishing Jasper's, expanded the menu and garnered a loyal following.

The couple opened a second location in Jacksonville in May 2009.

Lopez says Jasper's never set its sights on winning Readers' Choice.

"We don't have the parking or the facilities like the big places do, so we thought we would never win," she says. "But I guess our customers know what a good burger is."

Other favorites: Red Robin and 4 Daughters Irish Pub, both of Medford

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