Best Breakfast

The Old Farm House Restaurant should feel like home, says owner Greg Cordova. And for the diners who named it Best Breakfast, it does.

"We want people to feel comfortable," he says. "People here know your name and we want to keep that local mom-and-pop feel."

He credits his 45 employees, quality food, reasonable prices and portions big enough to take some home for later for the Old Farm House's success. His desire to be a positive part of the community helps, too, he adds.

Cordova, 42, and his wife, Cheryl, had long careers in the restaurant industry before they opened the first Old Farm House Restaurant at 6781 Highway 62 in White City in 2006, serving breakfasts and lunches. They added a second location, 603 S. Riverside Ave., Medford, in 2007. They opened a third restaurant in June 2009 across from the Rogue Valley Mall and picked up a Phoenix location in 2009.

Other favorites: Black Bear Diner and Elmer's, Medford

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