Ballot returns at 17 percent

Voters are turning in their ballots for Tuesday's election at a slower pace than in previous non-presidential election years.

Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker said 17.3 percent of voters had turned out as of today, about 2 percent fewer than in 2002 and 2006.

However, she anticipates a strong last-minute showing by voters to bring the turnout to 70 percent or more by Election Day.

She said interest in the gubernatorial and Jackson County commissioner races will keep voter turnout relatively high.

"Jackson County might go over the statewide turnout," she said.

Walker said she has noticed voters have been tending to send in their ballots later in the election cycle.

Walker recommends that voters not send their ballots through the mail after Thursday.

Instead, take them to drop boxes located around the county.

— Damian Mann

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