Avoid contact with Whetstone Pond water, state advises

WHITE CITY — The main pond at the Denman Wildlife Area today became the latest Oregon water body to host a blue-green algae bloom large enough that people and pets have been warned to avoid contact with it.

The Whetstone Pond off East Gregory Road joined Odell Lake in Klamath County and Lemolo Lake in Douglas County as this week's additions to the list of lakes deemed potentially toxic by the state Department of Human Services.

Tests on water sampled July 17 revealed the presence of three forms of the toxic algae, which is technically a bacteria, health reports show.

Though each form of algae was lower than the threshold of 100,000 cells per mililiter of water, collectively they inched above that threshold and triggered today's public-health advisory.

While the advisory is in place, people and pets should avoid contacting the water. Anglers are advised to practice catch-and-release fishing, but those who choose to eat the fish there should remove all fat, skin and organs.

The toxins cannot be killed by boiling or filtering the water.

— Mark Freeman

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