August 28, 1913

The Kinetophone, or Edison talking pictures, will be seen here for the first time at the Page Theater Sept. 1 and 2. Just as wonderful as was his invention of the original moving picture is the latest discovery of the great wizard Edison. It is predicted for the Kinetophone that real flesh-and-blood actors on many stages in the various theatres throughout the country will soon be a thing of the past. To judge from the little gasps of astonishment and the chorus of "Isn't that something wonderful?" that one hears on all sides whenever the pictures are exhibited, the Kinetophone may be called an immense success.


Sam Hill, good roads authority of international fame, arrived in Medford this morning and was the guest of the University Club at an informal luncheon. He left this afternoon at 2 o'clock for Ashland, where he speaks tonight on good roads and in the interest of the bond election for that purpose September 9. He was shown over the valley and city by County Judge Tou Velle and W.H. Gore.

"There are four ways to get good roads," said Mr. Hill. "To have them given to you, by direct taxation, by local taxation and by convict labor. By local taxation you obtain the quickest and best results — the others are unsatisfactory. If you love and have at heart the interests of yourself and your valley you will see that good roads form one of its chief assets."

Mr. Hill leaves tonight for Portland to attend a good roads meeting in the Willamette Valley Saturday.


Under the management of Thomas S. Burley, receiver for the Almeda mining property located in this county, the big mine will see activity and development that will leave its mark upon the commercial life of the community and that will put the Almeda in the list of the great producers of the west.

An earnest of what can be expected from Mr. Burley was the appointment of John Ross of Sutter Creek, Calif., as superintendent of the property, and Mr. Ross arrived in the city last night and Wednesday morning went out to the mine to assume active control over the operations on the ground. Mr. Ross is one of the foremost mining engineers in the United States, and his connection with the Almeda means that it will have the best expert management available.

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