August 27, 1913

On account of statements being circulated by enemies of the bond issue in Ashland that the county court intended to begin construction of the county highway at the Josephine County line instead of the California line, Judge Tou Velle issued the following open letter today:

"To the People of Ashland:

"The call for the bond election stipulates that construction begin at the California line. To begin anywhere else would invalidate the bond issue.

"It is the county court's intention to award a contract for the grading of the highway over the Siskiyous as soon as possible after the election, provided the bonds carry, so that the grade may settle during the winter before it is surfaced next spring.

"The first section of highway constructed will be that from the California line to the present county road.

"F.L. TOU VELLE, County Judge"


The suit brought in the circuit court by residents of Pleasant Creek contesting an election for consolidation of districts 62 and 26, was dismissed and the temporary injunction restraining the district boundary board from declaring those districts consolidated was dissolved by Judge Calkins this morning in an opinion in which he held the election to be valid.

Judge Calkins' opinion holds that two of the votes cast for consolidation were illegal; also that two cast against consolidation were not qualified voters, leaving the result of the election as shown by the returns prior to the commencement of the suit.

Attorneys Newberry and Neff appeared for the contestants and the boundary board was represented by the district attorney.


The Federation of Ladies' Clubs of Ashland have extended an invitation to the Parent-Teachers circles of Medford to a basket picnic in the Chautaqua Grove, Ashland, Tuesday, Sept. 2, for the purpose of bringing the club women of the Rogue River valley together, believing it will be beneficial for us all.

The ladies of Ashland will furnish hot coffee, sugar, cream, tables, dishes, etc.

They wish each club to give their plans for the coming year. Luncheon at noon. Program 2:30. Everyone go and take your basket.

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