August 26, 1913

OREGON CITY — Bud Anderson, prizefighter, is named as the correspondent in a divorce action brought by Guy Pace against his wife, Maud Pace.

The husband charges that the prizefighter has alienated his wife's affections, and that he has taken her out automobile riding many times and has kept her out until after midnight.

Time and again the two have been together, the husband says, in spite of his remonstrances.

The husband recites how his wife wrote love letters to the prizefighter, and how she called him endearing and affectionate names. Nothing that he could do or say had any weight with the wife, whose infatuation for the fighter increased, according to the story, and the trips grew more frequent and regular.

While Anderson was in Portland he frequently made visits to Oregon City by automobile, the husband says, and took the wife out for spins to Portland.

The Paces were married in Portland on Christmas Day 1910, and have lived in Oregon City the greater part of the time since.


L.H. Lerch was summoned before Judge Calkins today to explain why he should not be punished for contempt of court for his refusal to pay $50 attorney's fees for his wife for defending the divorce proceedings now pending, as ordered by the court. The explanation was not satisfactory, and Mr. Lerch was told to come through with $20 before night and another $20 within two weeks, or sojourn in the Jackson County bastile until further notice.

The troubles of Mr. and Mrs. Lerch have kept the courts and the lawyers busy for the past year. Lerch is under indictment for receiving stolen goods, junk taken by boys. He was acquitted in one trial but faces another. He had Mrs. Lerch arrested for thrashing and threatening him and bound over to keep the peace.

Then she was again arrested for driving one of his employees off the premises, but acquitted. He brought suit for divorce and upon her showing that she had no money for defense, the court ordered Lerch to pay her $50 for attorney's fees.

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