August 22, 1913

A.E. Reames, Geo. E. Sanders, W.M. Holmes and party have returned from a trip of imperfection of the power sites of the upper Rogue. They visited Crater Lake before their return. At Prospect, Mr. Reames had a narrow escape while fishing along the rocks of the Rogue River Gorge. Without noticing it, he managed to climb onto a dangerous precipice and after shouting vainly for help, managed after three hours of effort, to extricate himself. At Prospect some thief stole two expensive fishing rods from his automobile while it was stored in the hotel barn Wednesday night. He offers a cash reward for the return of the rods and no questions asked. District Attorney Kelly is investigating the case and will probably issue a warrant for the arrest of a suspect, known to be in the barn at the time.


Another forfeiture of lands "innocently purchased" from the Oregon & California railroad land grant was made yesterday with a decree signed by Federal Judge R.S. Bean. The owner of the land and defendant in the suit is Dr. Edward Fowler, a physician of Cleveland, Ohio. This is the twenty-seventh forfeiture under the "innocent purchaser" statute that has been made.

Forty-five of the suits have been started by Glenn E. Husted, appointed special assistant to the attorney general to especially prosecute these cases. Under the terms of the statute, the defendant, after agreeing to the forfeiture, is required to buy the lands back at a rate of $2.50 an acre within six months after the forfeiture.

Dr. Fowler is owner of 2,000 acres of this land, which is located in Jackson County close to Medford. Nearly 10 years ago he financed a co-operative association of eastern people who were going to log off the lands and ultimately turn the lands into fruit-growing sections. The project failed, and Dr. Fowler took over the lands in compensation for the loan.

Attorney Husted conducted the hearing in Cleveland in May. Fowler testified as the principal witness and said that he had been trying to dispose of the property.

Five or six other of the innocent purchaser cases are to be taken up in a short time here before Miss Vivan Flexner as special examiner. That the remaining 45 will all be tried before the end of he year is the expectation of Mr. Husted.

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