Auchincloss back in jail

The half-brother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis spent Christmas in jail after allegedly violating his probation for his August conviction on child pornography charges.

James Auchincloss, an Ashland resident, was arrested Dec. 22 and lodged at the Jackson County Jail, where he is being held without bail. He is scheduled to be released Jan. 21.

Auchincloss, 63, is not believed to have committed any new crimes but is suspected of violating the terms of his supervision, said Nate Gaoiran, program manager of the sex offender unit for Jackson County Community Justice.

"We're investigating a possible breach of his supervision, so that's why he's currently incarcerated," he said.

Auchincloss' probation officer, Glenn Sandy, initiated the arrest, after becoming aware that Auchincloss may not have complied with the terms of his supervision, Gaoiran said.

The alleged violation is under investigation, he said, declining to release details.

The arrest and jail lodging is standard protocol for a suspected probation violation, Gaoiran said.

"We're consistent with the way we supervise all offenders," he said. "Mr. Auchincloss is no exception."

This is the first time Auchincloss has been back in jail since Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Mark Schiveley sentenced him on Aug. 18 to 30 days for two felony counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, Gaoiran said.

As part of a negotiated plea agreement with Jackson County prosecutors, Auchincloss acknowledged possessing and distributing photographs of prepubescent children, images prosecutors described as lewd and lascivious in nature.

Schiveley also ordered Auchincloss to serve three years' probation, during which he must stay away from children and undergo sex-offender treatment. He must also be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Auchincloss' attorney, Carl Caplan, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Deputy District Attorney David Hoppe said his office had nothing to release on the case this morning.

Ashland police began investigating Auchincloss and an associate, Dennis Vickoren, in connection with child pornography in summer 2008. That October, police searched their homes and found graphic images of young boys, according to search warrant affidavits.

Auchincloss was originally indicted on 25 felony counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in August 2009 and initially pleaded not guilty to the charges. Vickoren was indicted on 30 felony counts and also initially pleaded not guilty.

Vickoren, who is not back in jail, was convicted on the same child pornography charges as Auchincloss and received the same sentence.

— Hannah Guzik

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