Attorney General Candidates Voice Commitment To Whole State

The Democratic candidates for Oregon Attorney General both say they're committed to representing the whole state. The comments came Tuesday morning, on OPB's Think Out Loud.

Dwight Holton and Ellen Rosenblum were responding to a question from a caller to the show, "Will" from Pendleton. He asked the candidates how they viewed issues of concern to Eastern Oregon.

Here's how Dwight Holton responded, "When I was the United States attorney for Oregon I declared on the day I was sworn in I was not going to be the United States Attorney for Portland or the Willamette Valley, I was going to the U.S. attorney for all of Oregon. I spent a lot of time all over the state, in Pendleton, in the Rogue Valley, in Central Oregon, working on important challenging issues ranging from environmental issues, trying to strike that balance, make sure folks are being compensated and protected, while with respect to the wolves while at the same time enforcing the environmental laws and wildlife laws. I spent a great deal of time out there on cases myself. I handled a cattle rustling case when I first started in the office as an assistant U.S. Attorney. I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Western way of life that is lived every day in places like Pendleton, and John Day and Haines, and throughout Eastern and Southern Oregon."

Candidate Ellen Rosenblum said her legal experience took her around the state.

"I've been a resident of Oregon for 42 years, I've spent lots of time throughout the state both as a lawyer and as a judge, I've even sat as a judge in Burns, Oregon traded with (Harney County Circuit Judge William) Cramer for a day and had a wonderful experience there, and I've tried cases in Pendleton and Ontario and throughout the state as a prosecutor. As a member of the court of appeals I was a statewide elected judge for the past 6 years. So, Will, I want to reassure you that I have the entire state on my mind as attorney general, and I hope to reach out to you and make sure I understand the issues that you're concerned about."

No Republicans are running for the Attorney General's office in the May 15th primary. You can hear the entire conversation with the candidates at

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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