Ashland's got aliens

The Bad Film Society avoids summer blockbusters by showing “Teenagers from Outer Space” at 6 p.m. today at the basement of the Ashland Elks Lodge.

The film was a flop back in 1959 and it hasn’t aged well. However, it does have intergalactic juvenile delinquents who blast the flesh off humans with giant ray guns, raise giant lobsters for food and cruise for hot babes.

Bring anything but alien lobster for a potluck, trashy videos for door-prize giveaways and $3 for admission.

Also showing tonight are a 1967 episode of “Dragnet” and episode of the 1939 serial “The Phantom Creeps,”starring Bela Lugosi. Use the Elks Lodge entrance in the alley between East Main Street and Lithia Way. Parking is free down there.

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