Ashland High cuts classes

Ashland High School will offer about 50 fewer class sections in the coming school year because budget cuts have wiped out electives and trimmed core courses.

A class section is an approximately 90-minute period. Some courses, such as photography, have been eliminated entirely. Others, including those in core subjects — math, English, social studies and science — have been trimmed, resulting in fewer options for students.

"There wasn't a program — academic or elective, alternative or special ed — that wasn't reduced," said Don Valentini, assistant principal at Ashland High School.

School officials have been adjusting students' schedules this summer. They have been especially careful to ensure that seniors are enrolled in the classes they need to graduate, Valentini said.

"Were going to work as hard as necessary to make sure the seniors get the classes they need to graduate and be successful at the next level if they're applying for college," he said.

The school has eliminated its photography and computer programs, which offered three courses each last year. Music and vocational classes, such as mechanics, have been trimmed.

The district's $22 million budget for the next school year is 14.8 percent lower than the previous year's. In total, 56 positions were cut as the district grappled with declining state funds for education due to the recession.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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