Ashland grad awarded six-figure fellowship

Ashland grad awarded six-figure fellowship

An Ashland High School graduate has been awarded a prestigious fellowship worth $150,000 from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, a New Jersey organization that strives to cultivate leaders in science and mathematics education.

The fellowship will provide Drew Larson, 27, with a personal monthly stipend for five years, help pay her way through Stanford University, contribute up to $1,200 per year for classroom materials, and give her access to current and former recipients who gather regularly to talk about teaching philosophies.

Out of about 1,000 applicants, Larson was one of 36 students preparing to be teachers this year who received the fellowship from the New Jersey-based Knowles foundation. She got the news about her selection in March, another unexpected surprise on her winding path to becoming a teacher.

Larson will begin Stanford's demanding one-year program on Monday, where she will teach biology at a middle school. She is scheduled to earn her master's in teaching and her teaching license by 2012.

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