An Ashland Police Officer holds an Advanced Taser weapon. The Ashland Police Department is proposing that all officers be equipped with the latest Taser weapon technology. Tidings file photo

Ashland eases stun gun rules

Ashland police officers will no longer be required to write a report if they unholster their Taser stun guns after Police Chief Terry Holderness voiced his concerns that the reporting requirement might cause officers to feel inhibited about having the weapons at the ready.

Officers will still write reports if they actually use the stun guns, which deliver an electric shock.

APD purchased the guns for all officers and issued the weapons in April 2008.

Back then, the Ashland City Council asked that the department track the number of times the guns were unholstered in a field situation and when they were used.

Officers have unholstered their stun guns eight times since April 2008 but have not used them, Holderness reported to the City Council last week.

olderness said research consistently shows that the stun guns are one of the safest ways that officers can use physical force. He said they are safer than other non-lethal weapons like batons.

City Council members agreed to leave it to Holderness to decide if Ashland officers will have to write a report for unholstering a Taser. Holderness said his choice will be to not require such reports.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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