Ashland considers farm-to-school program

A Portland restaurant's chef is in Ashland this afternoon to meet with community members about launching a farm-to-school food program in the community.

Cory Schreiber of Wildwood restaurant will speak at 2:30 p.m. in the Ashland High School Commons.

The program aims to provide students with fresh produce while helping local farmers.

Schreiber was hired by the Oregon Department of Agriculture in January to help schools develop farm-to-school programs around the state.

Ashland School District officials hope to pilot a program with Schreiber's assistance and qualify for a grant to fund it the first year.

For a pilot program to succeed, the district needs to find farmers who are able to provide a large quantity of produce at affordable prices. Because they are working with schools, they would also have to purchase insurance to reduce legal risks, Lucas said.

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