Ashland adds online classes

Ashland High School will offer online classes next academic year for students who can't attend traditional classes because of health or behavior issues and possibly for students who want to take more advanced courses, the school board decided on June 14.

The board voted 4-0 to sign a contract with Insight Schools Inc., an online alternative school.

Administrators anticipate that fewer than 10 students will enroll in the program, which is expected to cost the district about $4,500.

"It's really there for students who, for whatever reason, can't be on campus," Superintendent Juli Di Chiro said. "Sometimes it's a health-related issue, or it might be a behavior issue."

The program was offered on a part-time basis for the first time during the academic year that ended this month, and five students enrolled, Di Chiro said.

It's possible students could use the program to take advanced classes that the high school doesn't offer, such as advanced placement chemistry, said School Board member Carol Davis.

The program will be especially beneficial for students who are homebound because of an illness or injury, she said.

"Say a child was in a car accident and was unable to attend classes or had some illness or sickness that kept them out of school for period of time, they could stay on top of their school work through this program," Davis said.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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