April 29, 1913

Every property owner in the city is urged to get their places cleaned up and the rubbish placed in sacks or piles in front of their homes in order that it may be hauled away May 1 by the street cleaning department.

"Property owners should not neglect this work now," states Street Commissioner Patton, "as we will make but one trip over each street. If the rubbish is not ready when we call, it will not be hauled away. Property owners should get busy at once.


R.E. Dame and a party of automobilists of Boston terried in Medford last night on their way from Southern California to Seattle. They state that the roads over the mountains are in very poor condition, making touring rather unpleasant.

The party left Boston last August and they motored to Los Angeles where they spent three months. They are now on their way home over the northern route. This is Mr. Dame's fourth transcontinental trip.


Judge F.M. Calkins of the Circuit Court, after several years' residence at Ashland, has moved to this city and will make his home here in the future. He decided upon this step owing to the large amount of court business on hand, which has made it necessary that he eliminate the long trip to and from Ashland.


SALEM, Ore., April 29 — Degenerate practices of William Quartier, better known as "Doc," the druggist employed at the state penitentiary for years, led to his arrest today on a felony charge. Information which led to the arrest of Quartier was furnished by a young convict employed in the hospital who is serving 20 years for horse stealing. Conclusive evidence was secured yesterday, and Quartier was arrested.

Quartier nearly collapsed when he was formally accused at the penitentary. The accusation was made under dramatic circumstances and he was led away a crushed and broken man.

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